Dukkah Recipe

Dukkah, a part of the Egyptian cuisine, is a flavorful blend of roasted nuts, seeds, and spices. Its rich history dates back centuries, originating in the vibrant culinary landscape of North Africa. Dukkah’s charm lies in its adaptability; it can be sprinkled on almost anything to elevate the taste profile. From salads and dips to meats and roasted vegetables, dukkah adds a delightful crunch and a burst of aromatic flavors.

Dukkah Ingredients

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  • Thermomix
  • Frying Pan

Making the Dukkah

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Notes & Tips

The number of servings will depend on how much Dukkah you use per serving. You can use it as a dip with olive oil and bread, as a seasoning for salads, or as a coating for meats or vegetables.

Pairing suggestions for dukkah are endless. For a Mediterranean flair, dip fresh bread in olive oil and then into dukkah. Sprinkle it over hummus for an extra layer of texture. Enhance the taste of roasted vegetables or grilled chicken by generously dusting them with dukkah. Its nutty and spicy notes complement a variety of dishes, providing a sensory journey with every bite.

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