Smashburger Recipe

This delicious beef burger recipe is a mouth-watering and juicy meal that is sure to satisfy the fussiest of burger eaters. The crisp edges and flavoursome combination of ingredients is what makes this smashburger so good.

Smashburger Recipe

Smashburger Ingredients

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  • Frying Pan
  • Spatula

Making the Smashburger

The Burger Patty
The Burger Bun
The Burger
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Notes & Tips

To make a double burger, smash two 85 gram portions of meat to make 2 slightly smaller patties. The smaller patties cook about 30 seconds less than the 100 gram patties.
The meat should be loose. Don't be tempted to form into a tight patty. It is the star of the show and shouldn't be overpowered by the seasoning and condiments.

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Image Source(s)
  • Photo by Elsie Hui.
  • frying pan by Souvik Bhattacharjee.
  • Spatula by Lamus Studio.