Simple Healthy Bean Tacos Recipe

This is a simple taco recipe that keeps things basic and easy to make whilst being super healthy. It has several veggies in it to ensure you are eating a healthy meal whilst remaining incredibly tasty to eat.

Tacos are a versatile dinner idea with ingredients that can be swapped in and out to your liking.

Bean Tacos recipe

Simple Healthy Bean Tacos Ingredients

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Making the Simple Healthy Bean Tacos

Make Tacos
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Notes & Tips

The quantities of each ingredient will vary. Try and cut up just enough of each ingredient to evenly fill all taco shells so there is no left over ingredients.
Most ingredients will be sliced into 1-2cm pieces so you can fit them into the taco.
You can substitute beans for beef mince if you would prefer beef instead of beans. Or why not use both?
The order in which you make tacos is a matter of everyone's own opinion so there is no wrong way to order the ingredients.

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