Peanut Butter Recipe

Peanut butter is a versatile spread known for its creamy or crunchy texture. It’s not just a sandwich staple; it can be used in various recipes, from savory sauces to sweet desserts. Its adaptability makes it a kitchen essential for both simple snacks and gourmet creations.

Peanut butter is also best paired with fruits like apples or bananas, enhancing their natural sweetness. It also complements savory items like celery or crackers, creating a delightful balance. Enjoy the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich or explore culinary pairings with cheeses, chocolate, or even spicy flavors for a unique taste experience.

Peanut Butter Ingredients


  • Thermomix
  • Spatula
  • Jar

Making the Peanut Butter

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Notes & Tips

The peanut butter will stay fresh for 14-21 days.

Don’t forget to refrigerate after opening.

Whether smeared on toast for breakfast, used in a midday snack, or incorporated into a protein-packed post-workout smoothie, peanut butter is a versatile delight any time of day.

Its satisfying blend of protein and healthy fats makes it a sustaining choice for various occasions.

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